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Text Message Monitoring

It is very necessary to know that your child is sending or receiving text messages may not be inappropriate or cause any damage,harm or trouble to them. With the help of Spy app text message
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Call Logs History

Now a day it is very necessary to give a cell phone to your child and employee to be in contact with them. But to track it that how much time child or an employee is spending on phone calls is also
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GPS Locations

We are providing mobile phones to children and employees. But how will we know about their location. Where they are? How do we know if our employee is travelling to assigned destination or not?
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Phone Contact

With the help of Spy App Phone Contact user can get the list of contacts saved in the mobile phone. You can track the contact list of your child and have information about their friend’s numbers. It will
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About App

Spy app is an android based mobile application used to perform monitoring and surveillance process for the Smartphone’s. The core motive of this application is to keep the track of children and employees by their parents and employers respectively. Senior citizen also take advantage of this app, their location can be traced in case of emergencies.

Unlike its name suggest Spy App does not spy but monitors the phone activities of the concerned person. Spy App helps in monitoring the location, contacts, SMS, and call logs. It can also work as antitheft device, as it tracks the location of the device not the mobile number. If anyone steals your phone the last location can be traced whenever the thieve switch on the phone.

why Spy App?

Spy App helps us to view the location, call logs, contacts and SMS of a device that is why this APP is very useful for those parents who always kept worried themselves about their children’s safety. With the help of this APP they can know where their children exactly are. With whom are they hanging around? And somehow they can know what their children are up to? So that they can keep their children safe, secure and can protect them if they sense any threat.

In the same way if you are running an organization then you will always be concern about your employees like are they doing the right job, do they doing any activity which can harm the organization. As an employer you can watch and monitors the activities of your employees which can be beneficial for both.


You can download and install this App from play store available with the name of "SPY APP". You need to install this app on the device which you want to monitor not yours. After that follow the procedure:

☛ Register yourself by filling up the registration form
☛ Verify your email
☛ Login using mobile number and password which you use during the registration.
☛ Tick marks the check box of the services you want to avail in that device.
☛ You can hide the APP if you want.
☛ Now you can monitor the activities on the device.
☛ To view the activities, login to the server through website .You will use the same login id and password which you used when you registered for the APP.


Spy App is using the Smartphone’s internet connection in order to send the data to our server. After that you can monitor the activity from the admin panel. You will need to login to our server using the email and password supplied when you registered the application on the Smartphone.

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